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What Do Vegans Eat?

Look at my examples of some healthy vegan dishes:

(Drag mouse over image to pause)

So, what do vegans eat?

Well for a start, vegans do not eat anything that has come from an animal. No animal flesh, cheese, milk, dairy cream, or animal derived e numbers. I know this sounds extreme. I know!!

Reading that, you would assume that vegans live off of nuts, rice, salads and vegetables. No!! There are plenty of vegan alternatives to products such as cheese, cream, milk, honey and so on. So if you wan't cheese on toast then you can have it. It will just be the vegan version. You can make yourself a creamy vegan cheesecake or make a recipe using vegan chicken. There are a lot of possibilities out there for someone who wishes to eat ethically.

There are vegan alternates for honey, cream, ice-cream, chocolate, meat, cheese and many other products so you can indulge yourself to your hearts content if you feel the need.

But to get the full benefit of a vegan diet, you should keep these to a minimum and choose fresh plant based goodies. You might also want to try a raw vegan diet. This isn't as extreme as you would think either. Raw vegans swear by it - plus I have never seen an overweight raw vegan.

Healthy vegan food is colourful and nutritious. It can also help you to lose and maintain your weight. For a start, cutting out all those sugary snacks will regulate your blood sugar levels and make you feel less hungry.

Make fruits and vegetables a part of your everyday cooking with a variety of fruit and veggie recipes.

You could grow your own tasty fresh organic vegetables through learning how to grow vegetables with easy vegetable gardening techniques using less effort for more.

There are certain things that vegans should look out for such as sugar, which you may consider to be vegan or not. Some sugar is refined through animal bones which you may find unsuitable. However, this isn't a problem as organic sugar doesn't go through the refining process and is readily available.

So, what do vegans eat? If you are new to veganism, you may have thought that vegans didn't eat much at all. You probably thought that all vegans were malnourished and about to slip into a coma. I hope you can see now that this just isn't the case.

What do vegans eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Let me give you some examples of typical vegan meals which you can buy or make yourself

Breakfast Menu

Wholemeal toast with a choice of soya spread, peanut butter, yeast extract or marmalade

Bagel with vegan cream cheese and vegan ham

Scrambled tofu with fresh basil or spinach

Organic cornflakes with a choice of soya, oat, rice or almond milk

Fresh fruit topped with soya yoghurt

Full English breakfast of vegan sausages, grilled tomatoes, scrambled tofu, mushrooms and fried bread

Lunch Menu

Beans on toast

Jacket potato with a choice of topping

(vegan cheese, beans, mushroom sauce)

Fresh vegetable soup

Three bean salad

Toasted sandwich with a choice of fillings

(grilled vegetables, scrambled tofu with vegan mayo, vegan ham and cheese)

Dinner Menu

Pasta with mixed winter vegetables and tomato sauce

Creamy mashed potato (made with soya spread and soya milk), vegan sausages and peas

Vegan burgers, chunky chips and sweetcorn salad

Vegan chicken curry with chapatis and mango sauce

Spaghetti bolognese with vegan parmezan cheese

Toad in the hole

(vegan sausages in a vegan onion gravy with a yorkshire pudding topping)

Dessert Menu

Apple pie with choice of custard, ice cream or soya cream

Bakewell tart

Creamy strawberry cheesecake

Fresh summer fruit with mint leaves

Rich chocolate sauce pudding

Light and fluffy chocolate mousse

Bread and "butter" pudding

Remember that some vegan products are better than others. If you do not like a particular brand, then try another. Here is a list of my favourite vegan foods.

I really cannot recommend a vegan diet enough. Keep it fresh, colourful and varied and you cannot go wrong.

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