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Are you looking for a vegan shopping list? Here is my list of vegan groceries which I buy on a regular basis.

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Whenever I look at a vegan shopping list recommendation, I mostly see a long list of things like: fruit, vegetables, rice, beans, quinoa, oats etc etc. Yes these things are great and are vegan but there are so many more vegan groceries for you to stock your vegan kitchen with. I get my vegan groceries from four places. The local supermarket, the health food shop, vegetarian chinese restaurants which deliver, and online.

Below I have listed my vegan shopping list. These are products which I buy on a regular basis. This is my regular vegan shopping list at the time of writing. Be aware that companies may change their ingredients list from time to time so as always - check the labels.

Supermarket Vegan Shopping List

Agave Nectar: This is vegan honey and I get this from the Free From section at the supermarket.

Beans: Heinz baked beans.

Biscuits: Doves Farm digestives and sometimes McVities Hob Nobs.

Bread: I like the multi seeded variety from the bakery section of Sainsburys. I get them to slice it thick for me. Best bread I've ever tasted.

Cereals: I like porridge oats which I have with soya milk and a banana heated up on the stove or in the microwave.

* Make sure any cereals are not fortified with vitamin D3 as this is from animal origin. Vitamin D2 is ok.

Cheese (grated): I get Florentino grated parmezan cheese and also Life (free from) grated cheddar cheese. These are available from the Free From aisle. I use these to go on top of my vegan spaghetti bolognese.

Chips: Sainsbury's own brand labeled as vegan (eg not cooked in animal fat or containing any milk products).

Cocoa Powder: I buy Green and Blacks 100% cocoa powder. I use this is my vegan baking recipes that require chocolate. I also love this with soya milk for a hot choccy drink.

Coconut Cream and Milk: Good for dishes that require a creamy taste such as a korma curry.

Condiments: HP BBQ sauce in woodsmoke flavour. Heinz tomato ketchup. Branston pickle. Tomato paste. Own brand light salad cream. Colemans mustard. Colemans mint sauce. Ocean Spray cranberry sauce. Cerebos iodised table salt. Sarsons malt vinegar.

Cooking sauces: Uncle Bens Sweet Thai Chilli. I use this with grilled or fried tofu. Always (after cooking the tofu) let it sit for at least half an hour so the sauce seeps into the tofu. I also get own brand tomato and olive pasta sauce. Great with pasta and vegan parmezan.

Cream: I buy Alpro single soya cream which is next to all the other creams. Great for recipes that require cream and for pouring over vegan puddings.

Gravy Powder: Marigold Swiss Vegetable Bouillon from the Free From section.

Houmus: In the houmus and dips section. Great on ricecakes as a snack or with dipping veggies.

Ice Cream: I like Swedish Glace in all flavours, or Toffuti ice cream. Both found with all the other ice creams.

Jams and Marmalades: I get the own brand label in all sorts of different flavours.

Margarine: Pure soya spread which is next to all the other margarines. I get the one in the green tub.

Mayonnaise: I buy Mayola and Tiger Tiger (with garlic) in the Free From section.

Milk: I buy own brand soya milk which is next to all the other milks in the cold section.

Pasta: Own brand dried pasta.

Peanut Butter: Own brand label but all peanut butter brands are generally suitable for vegans.

Rice: Uncle Bens boil in the bag wholegrain.

Ricecakes: Clearspring Japanese Ricecakes from the Free From section. Good for snacks.

Sundried Tomatoes: Next to the houmus. I have to be in the mood for these but they are good in the more adventurous salads.

Tofu: Cauldron. Found in the "Meat Free" section.

Tortilla Wraps: Own brand but most are vegan. I make lovely "chicken" and mayo wraps with mine.

Health Food Shop Vegan Shopping List

Agar Agar: Used as a thickener to replace gelatin. Arrowroot powder is also used for this.

Bacon: Redwoods.

Cheese: I love the Cheezly super melting variety for cheese on toast and home made pizzas. I also like Toffuti cream cheese spread. The original version is what I use for my vegan cheesecakes. I am still looking for that perfect "straight from the packet" vegan cheese.

Chocolate: Booja Booja for that special treat. Found in round wooden boxes.

Cream: Soyatoo do a whipping cream and a double cream. I buy these sometimes. They are ok but I can't rave about them.

Eggs: Egg replacer - they are much the same in my experience.

Fish Fingers: Redwoods. These taste very similar to the animal derived version.

Meat Slices: Redwoods do ham, chicken, beef and turkey style vegan slices.

Mince: I buy Realeat soya mince for all those lovely vegan taco's, spag bols, moussakas and shepherds pies.

Nutritional Yeast: A must have. This is used to make lovely vegan cheese sauces. Just add to a vegan "white sauce" recipe.

Pate: Suma mushroom pate and Redwoods beanfeast pate.

Sausages: I get Fry's vegetarian sausages. Not the hot dog ones.

Scampi: Redwoods.

Seaweed: Good for "fish" sauces.

Soya Milk Powder: Must say I've never actually used this but have been told it's good as a replacement for animal derived milk powder in a recipe when needed.

Tahini: Creamy and smooth nut butter used in many vegan recipes.

Tofu: Silken tofu for all those dips, sauces and desserts you might like to make.

Wholegrains: A mixture, but usually quinoa, buckwheat and barley.

My Favourite Vegan Meat Product Which I Get From Veggie Chinese Restaurants

I order this vegan chicken online from a vegetarian chinese restaurant. I bulk buy so I always have some ready for those chickeny dishes I like.

best vegan chicken

best vegan chicken

Don't forget to add plenty of fruits and vegetables to your vegan kitchen. These are important to add to your diet as they contain unique antioxidants which fight free radical damage to the body. Also remember all the fresh herbs and spices that are available.

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