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Vegan Restaurants Guide Submission Page

Welcome to my all new and FREE Vegan Restaurants Guide Submission Page! Please read this page before you submit. Thankyou.

Click Here For Vegan Restaurants In Your Area

If you are looking to promote your vegan or vegetarian restaurant on a high ranking niche based website - you might want to list it right here on Your Vegan Guide. My website ranks in the top 2% of all the websites on the Net today which means I rank highly for this particular niche. And this website is just a little over two years old which means the rankings can only get better!

If you don't yet have your own website, this directory is ideal for you as it will get you found on the Net when people are searching for a vegan restaurant in their area. And if you do have a business website, having a listing here will also promote that website and drive traffic to it.

Let Me Help You To Get Found On The Net!

Advertising your business in the Yellow Pages and classified adverts in your local paper is a great way to get your name out there. But as I'm sure you know, this form of advertising can be quite expensive. Plus you get a very limited amount of space to place your listing - unless you are willing to spend some serious money that is!

Not only that - a large percentage of people look online nowadays for information (which I am sure you also know), so why not take advantage of this free listings offer where you can promote your venue in as many words as you like.*

The Benefits Of This Directory

  • First and foremost, my readers are looking for suitable eating venues in their areas. Building this directory gives them that information. It also saves me having to reply to emails asking for that information.

  • Your business benefits because I promote your venue to a targeted audience and I also do my best to ensure your page is found by all the major Search Engines.

  • My site benefits because I offer the listings my readers are looking for and that brings more people to my website.

  • The Vegan Restaurants Guide is being built so that your business can be found easily in your area. This means that when someone types in a certain area such as a town, city or state along with the words "vegan restaurant", your vegan venue will be found.

    A bit of patience will be needed on your part as it should take anything between two weeks and two months to come up in the top of the Search Engines pages.

    You have three options to advertise your vegan restaurant.

    Free Listing:

    As an example of what a free listing looks like - hop over to this page.

    Premium Listing:

    A premium listing is as above but you get to have a photo on the page (the page for the whole area, for example on the Vegan Restaurants In Sussex Page - link above), plus a live link to your website, and also a whole page to advertise your business. Adverts will also be taken out. There is only a maximum of three of these per page. This costs £5 monthly ($8.19).

    Sponsored Listing:

    Same as the premium listing but you can also have your listing at the top of the page for your whole area. Example. This costs £10 per month ($16.39).

    Let's Get You Listed

    Below there are some links if you want to help me spread the vegan lifestyle. This is totally optional. Just cut and paste any of the below codes into your website.

    Enter your directory listing information in the below box. Just click and type!

    Top Tips: For Search Engine optimisation (high Internet rankings), add at least 100 words (suggestions below) and up to as many as you like. The more you write, the more easily the Search Engines will find you. Special note for free listings - If you want to reduce the amount of adverts on your page - fill it up with lots of information. I use adverts as a page filler for when there isn't enough text on the page.

    You will have a whole page for your business so don't be shy. Below there is also an option to add photographs/logo if you wish to do so. The only thing I can't offer for your free listings page is a map to show exactly where you are - or any videos. These are for the upgraded pages only.

    I have included a few suggestions as to what you could write for your potential customers in the vegan restaurants guide. But please feel free to add your own voice - whether that be a formal or more chatty style is up to you. These are just examples but you can write what you like. It's your business after all.

  • Firstly please add the name and location of your venue at the top of your listing. Further information can be added wherever you want in the below form. I ask for this because it will help the Search Engines to find you easier.

  • What type of business are you and who do you cater for? Eg: vegans and vegetarians or just vegans. Are you exclusively vegan/vegetarian or do you only offer vegan/vegetarian options?

  • Your companies' ethics (add any awards or media information if you wish).

  • Your contact details such as web address or other contact details if you don't have a website.

  • Lets get started...

    This quick and easy form will help YOU get found on the Net!!

    Enter The Name Of Your Business Here:

    Optional Links

    I would be really grateful if you could add a return link to the Vegan Restaurants Guide - but as I mentioned above, this is not a requirement for you to be listed. Below are some links for you to choose from - just cut and paste the code into your website. If you would like a different type of link, just let me know and I will see what I can do.

    The link will appear like this:

    Vegan Restaurant Directory

    The link will appear like this:

    Vegan Restaurant Directory

    The link will appear like this:

    Vegan Restaurant Directory

    The link will appear like this:

    Vegan Restaurant Directory

    The link will appear like this:

    Vegan Restaurant Directory

    The link will appear like this:

    We're In The Vegan Guide Directory

    The link will appear like this:

    Find Us In The Vegan Guides' Restaurant Directory

    Thank you in helping me to promote The Vegan Restaurants Guide.

    Leave Vegan Restaurants Guide And Go To The Homepage

    Leave Vegan Restaurants Guide And Go To The Vegan Restaurants Directory

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