Vegan Meat

There are quite a few vegan meat replacement products on the market today. The mainstream varieties are sold in health food shops and they sell all kinds of vegan goodies from vegan scampi to a variety of vegan meat slices for sandwiches. They also sell vegan burgers, sausages, bacon, fish fingers and many other options.

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Then we have the vegan meat replacement products which you can buy from a lot of vegetarian chinese restaurants. A lot of these places have a delivery system set up and will deliver to your door. Some of these products are better than others so it is a matter of trying which ones you like the best. Not all of these products are vegan though so check the ingredients.Or you can try making your own Chinese faux meat dishes I have marked my favourite vegan chicken product. This is amazing stuff and can be fried, bbq'd and roasted. You can add it to curries and other dishes for that "meaty" texture that some vegans love. This selection is from There are other places that sell the same sort of foods as they do - if you find one in your area, you are lucky.

Vegan Chcken Strip Vegan Stewed Mutton Vegan Stewed Beef
Vegan Squid Slice Vegan Salmon Slice Best Vegan Chicken
Vegan Chicken Chunk Vegan Spiced Chicken Leg Vegan BBQ Meat

Vegan Tuna

This Is The Most Realistic Vegan Chicken I have Ever Tasted