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Vegan Gift Shop

This vegan gift shop gives you more ideas for that perfect vegan gift. I have vegan chocolates, gift baskets, logo handbags, shoes and jewellery. Please wait a few seconds for the page to upload itself

vegan gifts A lot of vegans (myself included) like to spread the vegan message via slogans and messages on clothing and household items. Some of these vegan handbags have messages on them and would make a great vegan gift for someone. There are other bags here too which are suitable for vegans as they are made from alternative materials. If you hover your mouse over the products, a box will appear with more information.

UK shoppers, click here.

Vegan Gifts | Vegan Gift Shop

A box of lovely vegan chocolates usually also goes down well with us fussy vegans. We don't like milk and other animal products in our food so you need to shop around and make sure the chocolates are without these ingredients. Below you will find some nifty little chocolate boxes which are of course, suitable for vegans.

Vegan Gifts | Vegan Gift Shop

These readily prepared vegan gift baskets are handy and just looks like you have gone to a bit of effort. Or you could get yourself a gift basket and add your own items. Just add some nice wrapping and a big ribbon and you're done.

Vegan Gifts | Vegan Gift Shop

A lot of jewellery is also suitable for vegans. Just make sure any jewellery piece doesn't have pearls, coral, leather, feathers etc on them. As a rule, we don't like waste and are environmentally aware, so recycled jewellery is a great gift choice. Most of us also love and respect animals, so a necklace or brooch with an animal theme would also be great.

Vegan Gifts | Vegan Gift Shop

You can easily buy shoes suitable for vegans on the high street, although some vegans have an issue with the glue that is used in the manufacturing process. These shoes are from man made materials but do check with the seller what type of glue they use if you think this may be a cause for concern.

I also have some t shirts which you might find suitable. I find most t shirts a bit old hat in the design department but I have selected the best of the worst (I have to be honest - sorry). I wish someone would design t shirts that are original with different cuts and styles - maybe one day!!

Other Ideas:

If you have a Lush store near you, these are great for little pressies as most of their products are suitable for vegans.

If you live in the UK (does the USA have Marks & Spencer shops??) then M&S have a Fixed Cut Off Date for their beauty products and I think they mark them as being suitable for vegans if they are. The FCOD is important as this means that no new ingredients have been used on animals since their FCOD. Many companies still list their products as not being tested on animals but many of them still use new ingredients which are tested on animals.

Superdrug also have a FCOD and are defintely marked if they are suitable. I know this as I get my body lotion from them.

The cosmetic company Barry M also have that important FCOD and you can find them in Superdrug and other chemists.

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Low carb diets for non veggies has been a popular diet choice for ages. Now we have a low carb diet plan for veggies and vegans.



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