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Best Vegan Foods

Which vegan foods are the best? I've tried lots of vegan foods and these are my favourites.

Vegan foods vary greatly in my opinion from brand to brand. I bet there are some people out there who have bought vegan food items and were really disappointed.

I remember eating a certain vegan chocolate brand once and I thought it tasted just awful. Then I discovered another brand or five that tasted AMAZING!!

Whether you agree or not is a different matter as it is all a matter of taste, but the trick to sticking to a vegan diet is to find the vegan food products that you like. Once you find your favourites, being a vegan becomes very easy.


Best bread I had to list this product here as I discovered it recently and now it is the only bread I buy. It is from the bakery section at Sainsbury's and is the "multi seeded" variety. I get them to slice it thick for me. They do a multi seeded pre sliced version but this is nowhere near as nice as the bakery one.

Cheese (on toast)

redwoods cheezly vegan cheese on toast Vegan cheese can take a bit of getting used to if you are a new vegan. This cheese (Redwoods Cheezly - super melting mozzarella style) is great for things like vegan pizza and cheese on toast. I can't really taste much of a difference between this cheese and the animal derived stuff. I'm not sure what new vegans will make of it straight from the pack, but try it melted on toast and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

UPDATED: There is a new vegan cheese on the block. I ordered three of these vegan cheeses the other day. The Classic, the Walnut and the Mildly Aromatic versions. Well. I didn't know what to make of them at first. They taste so different to any other vegan cheeses I have tasted. I couldn't work out whether I liked them or not. Someone I know has just turned vegan and he said these were the closest thing tastewise to dairy cheese. I kept trying them and finally decided that the Mildly Aromatic vegan cheese tasted really really great!! I think my tastebuds were confused because they just tasted so "cheesy". I wasn't keen on the Classic style but I did like the Walnut version. I could still taste them two hours after eating them. Very strong so be warned!!

More Info.


booja booja chocolate Just about any chocolate made by Booja Booja tastes amazing. I especially like the hazelnut variety but the ones with a bit of alcohol in taste amazing too. These make a great gift as they come in nice packaging. If I buy these, I can't stop eating them so I only treat myself now and then. Available mainly in the UK and Germany but you can contact the Booja Booja team and they can advise availability and online stores that sell them.


I also recommend vegan Belgian chocolates which can be found in most health food shops or bought online.

vegan chocolate bunny This chocolate bunny tastes so creamy. Only available (I think) around easter time - which is just as well in my opinion. I get mine from Sainsburys in the "Free From" aisle.

Actually they also do a dairy free and vegan bag of small chocolate buttons in this aisle too. They come in a soya milk flavour and also a white chocolate version.

Best vegan chocolate This is another great tasting vegan chocolate. It's by organica and is the "milk" version. I am not too keen on the other flavours but this one is addictive so be warned.

This would be great melted and drizzled over cakes or to make vegan chocolate mousses when you need a milky flavour. Of course when making vegan chocolate mousse you could also use a dark vegan chocolate and add soya cream to make it a milk flavour.

You can buy these at most health food shops or online.


best vegan chicken This is my fave vegan chicken product. You can only get this from specialist chinese restaurants but it is well worth stocking up and buying a load of them. Use it to make curries, stews and all sorts of vegan foods where chicken is a requirement. This picture shows the chicken uncooked but here it is when it is cooked.


alpro soya cream Alpro soya cream is my favourite vegan cream. I use this over sweet dishes and I also use it to make cream sauces to go with pasta. Very versatile and tastes delicious. Sold in most UK supermarkets next to the other creams. Also sold in some European countries. Mmm!! Buy it and try it.....

Cream Cheese

toffuti cream cheese Tofutti cream cheese is my favourite of the vegan cream cheeses. This is what I use to make my cheesecakes (original flavour). Also great on toast and in various recipes that call for cream cheese. You can buy this in health food shops and it comes in a few different flavours.

Ice cream

swedish glace ice cream I can't really tell the difference between a few vegan ice creams and the animal based variety. I love Swedish Glace and Tofutti. Swedish Glace do these lovely Magnum style ice cream lollies which are covered in dark chocolate. They come in boxes of five, are quite small and if I'm not careful I will eat the whole box. These are also sold in supermarkets and health food shops.



mayola mayonnaise I love Mayola mayonnaise. They sell it in glass jars or plastic squeezy bottles. You can find this in most supermarkets in the "free from" range and also in health food shops. Use this in recipes where mayonnaise is called for.


vegetarian pate When I first tried this pate, I had to quickly look at the ingredient list as I thought (from my distant memories) that I was eating animal flesh. This may be a tad too meaty for some vegans but get your head around the fact that it is plant based, and it tastes gorgeous.


frys sausages These Fry's sausages are my faves. These say on the box "vegetarian sausages" and of course, they are vegan. Do not get confused with the Fry's hot dog variety. I just whack these in a pan with some oil and gently fry for a few minutes. Love them!! Great on a BBQ or used in a toad-in-the-hole recipe. Sold in health food shops.


Soya spread

pure soya spread Pure soya spread is great in sandwiches and for baking those yummy vegan goodies. Use it as you would use butter or margarine. This is now sold in most supermarkets and health food shops. One brand I would love to get my hands on is Earth Balance but unfortunately you cannot buy it in the UK.


Alpro vanilla yoghurt Mmm!! This vanilla yoghurt from Alpro is a new flavour to their other yoghurts and is my fave vegan yoghurt. Alpro do other flavours in packs of four cartons and they are lovely. I also like the peach and pear ones. The vanilla flavoured one only seems to come in the big cartons. *Evil laugh*!!

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