Vegan Food Products

Where can you buy vegan food products? Vegan chicken, vegan ice cream, vegan food in general!! Most supermarkets will sell vegan food products and if you can't find what you like at the supermarket, then try your local health food shop.

vegan soya spread This is a popular vegan butter/margarine. Use it as you would the non vegan version, on toast and in recipes. Not sure if it is available in the USA. I think the most popular brand in America is Natures Earth. I think the US has more choice when it comes to vegan food products.

vegan soya cream Vegan soya cream. Very versatile and tastes delish!! Available from a lot of supermarkets or online. I use this to make my vegan cheesecakes. This is a good substitute for any recipe where single cream is needed.

alpro soya yoghurt Vegan plain yoghurt by Alpro. To make a Greek style yoghurt, just add agave nectar which you can get from most supermarkets or online. They also do fruit yoghurts such as cherry and blackberry which you can get in little pots of four. Some of the fruit flavours come in the big pots as seen here.

alpro soya milk I like most of the Alpro products apart from their soya milk as I find it has a weird taste. Try different brands until you find one you like - you might like this brand - I dont. Just use as you would the milk you get from animals. In your tea, coffee, for milkshakes and cereals plus recipes which calls for milk.

soya whipped cream You can get these squirty creams from most health food shops and online. You might find that the one you brought doesn't squirt the cream out. You will also think this is just your bad luck. Unfortunately, I think it is because the manufacturers havn't added enough fat to the cream which is why it doesn't dispense properly. Maybe they will realise this one day.

swedish glace cornetto Vegan food products dont come much better than dairy free ice cream. These cornettos are yummy and taste just like the non vegan version. These may be slightly more difficult to get your hands on but should be available in most health food shops in spring and summertime.

swedish glace lollies Vegan chocolate covered ice cream lollies. Chocolate is vegan in its basic form - it is only the milk and cream that is added which makes it non vegan. You can buy these in health food shops and online.

swedish glace ice cream Most of the Swedish Glace products taste delish!! This soya ice cream is available in a lot of supermarkets and also at health food shops. It also comes in several different flavours such as strawberry, raspberry ripple and chocolate.

vegan fudge ice cream I havn't actually tried this product but most of the Tofutti range is excellent. Tofutti also sell savoury goods such as vegan cheese slices.

vegan toffuti ice cream log Vegan ice cream log. This classic and slightly retro ice cream dessert has been available to vegans for years now and tastes great.

vegan pecan ice cream Another vegan ice cream - this time in pecan flavour. You can get all sorts of different flavours when it comes to vegan ice cream. Toffuti and swedish glace are the most popular brands but Booja Booja (who make vegan chocolate) have also started to make a dairy free ice cream too.

vegan burgers The Frys range sells some great vegan food products and are readily available from most health food shops and online. You can get these vegan burgers in original and spicy flavours.

vegan mince Vegan mince for all your spaghetti bologneses, shepherds pies, moussakas and other dishes where you need a mince replacement.

vegan sausages I love these vegan sausages. Better lightly fried than grilled. I get mine from my health food shop but you can also get them online.

vegan fish fingers These vegan fish fingers are great. I love them in a fish finger sandwich with lots of tomato sauce. From what I can remember, these taste like animal derived fish fingers although I could be wrong because it's been so long since Ive had any of those. Available online or at health food stores.

vegan scampi Vegan scampi. Found in health food stores and online. You might also find them in some supermarkets.

vegan ham This vegan ham also comes in beef, chicken, turkey and other flavours. Good for sandwiches but I wished they would design them in a block that you could carve yourself.

vegan cheddar cheese Vegan cheese is another one of those products where you might need to try several different flavours/brands to find one you like. Available in most health food shops and online

vegan cheese slices These vegan cheese slices are found in most health food shops too. They melt well but for a super melting cheese you need cheezly super melting.

vegan cream cheese This vegan cream cheese comes in a few different flavours. I use the "original" flavour in my vegan cheesecake recipes. Use on toast, or for sandwiches etc.

vegan grated cheese This vegan grated cheese is perfect for spaghetti bologneses and other recipes where you need grated cheese. I have found most supermarkets stock this in the "special diet" ranges.

The below products are vegan meat replacements which I get delivered from a local chinese restaurant. You want to look out for vegetarian chinese restaurants near to you.

Some Specialist Vegan Meat Replacement Products:

If you are lucky enough to have a vegetarian chinese restaurant near you, then you will be able to get hold of their specialist meat replacement products. You can get lobster, ham, shrimp and other styles of vegan meats from these places. My favourite of these vegan meats is the "chicken wing". This looks quite naff in the packet but when you take it our of its wrapper and tear it into pieces, you will see that it resembles chicken. This may put you off - but remember, it is cruelty free. This is what it looks like uncooked (not very appetising):

This Is What It Looks Like Cooked

Vegan food products are widely available today as you can see from the above. This page shows only a tiny selection of what is available to you. And remember - all plant based foods (yes, the above are all plant based) are cholesterol free. That is not to say that they are healthy though so bear that in mind. A vegan diet can be extremely healthy if you limit yourself to these processed vegan food items. But I think it is good to know that going vegan still means you can indulge yourself now and again!!