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Vegan FAQ's

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Got a vegan faq you would like answered? Here are some of the more common questions vegans encounter in their day to day lives.

Why do people go vegan?

Some people decide to turn to a vegan diet for their health and some choose to become vegan because of animals. Ethical vegans believe that animals have rights and that they do not need to cause them suffering when there are plenty of plant based foods available to them.

If you are thinking about going vegan purely for health reasons but are a bit wary as to whether a vegan diet is actually healthy - then consider all the people who are on a vegan diet for their health and no other reason.

Animals kill each other so why shouldn't we kill animals?

Firstly, sheep, cows, horses, goats, deer, rabbits etc are herbivores (vegetarians) and do not eat other animals.

Most animals kill purely to feed themselves and could not survive if they didn't. This is not true for humans.

You could say that some animals kill due to their natural instincts - such as cats. Studies have shown that most animals are as intelligent as small children and we don't go around killing and eating small children. Also it is not a natural human instinct to go out and kill. If it were, then we would be attacking, killing and eating living creatures at every given opportunity.

At one time, white people thought black people were inferior. Men thought women were inferior. Nazis thought Jews were only fit for destruction. Let's hope some technologically superior beings from another planet don't land on Earth because they might develop a taste for human meat. Human factory farms and breeding units. Human lab animals. Roasted human. Boiled human. Human cheese.

Farm Animal Intelligence.

But if we didn't rear animals to eat them, then those animals wouldn't have a life. So isn't it better to give them some kind of life rather than none at all?

That's like saying that human slaves should be bred and born to serve us. Remember, most animals are more intelligent than babies/the mentally retarded. We don't breed them to eat do we!

We are natural carnivores though arn't we?

A vegan diet is more suited to the human body than a diet which includes meat. Carnivorous animals have claws to rip flesh apart. Humans have hands to pick fruits and vegetables. Meat eating animals also have short digestive tracts to dispose of animal flesh quickly. We have longer digestive tracts more suited to plant based foods. We also have small canine teeth compared to flesh eating animals.

If you were to eat a diet of pure animal flesh, cheese, eggs, milk etc with no plant based foods for a month or so, I am pretty certain your health would be in question. However, we can eat plant based foods freely and long-term and still be in peak health.

There is also plenty of science which proves that eating too much meat causes many health problems from diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Does a plant based diet give the human body all it needs in the way of nutrients?

Yes. Not only will you be feeding your body with enough nutrients - vegan foods contain no cholesterol either.

Vegan nutrition is easier than you probably think. Take out all those artery clogging animal fats and you are onto a winner.

Major health organisations support a vegetarian and vegan diet.

I hear that protein is difficult to get on a vegan diet!

This is a common misconception and is one of the most often asked questions vegans get. Vegans can and do get enough protein in their diets. Too much protein can damage the kidneys and heart and increase the risk of colon cancer.

All the vegans I have seen just look ill!

There are healthy and unhealthy vegans out there - but doctors agree that vegans who eat a varied plant based diet are more likely to live longer and healthier lives than people who consume animal products on a regular basis. Remember eating vegan foods does not mean you have to eat healthily. Vegans can eat chips, cakes, biscuits and doughnuts too you know.

But I love meat and cheese. Won't I feel deprived if I turn to a vegan diet?

Well, there are lots of vegan replacement products on the market today from ice creams, biscuits, cakes, and puddings, to soya cream, rice milk and chocolate. You can also get good meat replacement products too. You should also keep an eye out for new products as veganism is becoming more and more popular, more companies are catering to their needs.

Do vegans eat honey?


If you are a "vegan" who eats honey, then you are a "beegan". Strange but true!

Do vegans kill insects?

Vegans do not deliberately kill insects. However, when we walk, we may tread on an ant and kill it. It is true that it is almost impossible to be 100% vegan (thanks for reminding us).

By the same token, if people are against human slavery then they should be careful where they buy their products from. They should also be wary about which countries and cities they visit/live in that may have been enriched by the slave trade.

You could say that everyone who pays taxes is responsible for the bombing of women and children in Iraq.

You could say everyone who buys pharmaceutical drugs is responsible for all the testing that goes on in Africa and Asia on unwitting humans - often children.

You could say everyone who buys chocolate could be supporting the use of child slave workers in African cocoa plantations.

To live is to cause and support suffering but we should all try to minimize that suffering to the best of our abilities.

What about plants?

Plants do not have a central nervous system. Animals do. Even if we agreed that plants were sentient, intelligent and aware - it would still be preferable to be a vegan as more plants are harvested to feed the animals that people eat.

If we all went vegan, would there be enough food to eat?

Yes there would. Not only would there be enough food, but world starvation would be seriously minimized. Human lives would be saved if the starving people could eat the grain that is used to feed the animals that we eat.

A huge amount of the worlds human population suffers from a severe lack of food. Nearly half of the worlds grains are fed to livestock and it takes roughly sixteen times the amount of resources to produce a pound of food from livestock than it takes to produce a pound of food without raising them. Eg - all the grains that go into feeding one animal which then goes on to produce a limited amount of flesh for humans to eat. That same grain could be used to feed people - it goes much further.

World grains produce enough to feed every human being on the planet - if only they were fed to people rather than farmed animals.

What would happen to all the animals?

The chances of everybody going vegan overnight are practically zero. Veganism is a growing diet and lifestyle which means the less animals we need to feed/clothe ourselves with - the less the animals will be bred and reared. It will be a natural phasing out process.

How about I go vegetarian rather than vegan - surely I will be helping the animals that way?

Actually this is also a common misconception. The dairy industry is just as cruel as the meat industry. Everytime you eat an egg from the farming industry, you are contributing to the deaths of the billions of baby male chicks who are surplus to requirements and are killed shortly after birth. Everytime you drink milk or consume cheese or other products with animal milk in them - you are supporting the lives of cows in farming. Even if you choose organic/free range - the animals still lead an unnatural life and are killed before their natural lifespan is over.

Not only that, cows have to be repeatedly impregnated for us to consume their milk. The babies are sold as veal.

If you were stuck on a desert island and you had to eat animals to survive - would you?

I would personally eat any plants that were available first. If there were no plants and I had to eat any roaming animals that were living on the island - I would question how long I could live for if I could only eat animal products and nothing else. In truth, I don't know. If an animal was going to attack me to eat me and I couldn't run away - then it would be survival of the fittest. If a lion or tiger happened to be stalking me as its next dinner, then I would protect myself.

Why do vegans eat fake meat?

Because it doesn't involve killing farmed animals. Some vegans like their "meaty" dinners but do not want to contribute to the cruelty that involves killing animals. Ethical vegans are vegan because of this reason. The fact that some vegan foods look and taste like animal flesh is neither here nor' there. Vegans like to know the food on their plate is cruelty free and tasty. Vegan meat is improving all the time but be careful which ones you try as some are better than others.

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