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The Vegan Diet

Take a look at the vegan diet. Going vegan means you can still eat loads of goodies. Eat vegan for your health (if you choose) or eat vegan for ethical reasons. Whatever your reason(s) - vegan food is del-ic-ious!!

This whole website is obviously dedicated to the vegan diet and related subjects, but I wanted to condense a lot of the information onto one page. I know people who eat a vegan diet are often seen as "extreme" in their eating habits and I wanted to show on one page that veganism isn't all about eating the obvious food items such as fruit, veg, nuts and seeds.

woman with an apple I often read in the newspapers or magazines about somebody who has decided to eat vegan and they will often say something along the lines of "I am a vegan so I can't really eat a lot". This is totally untrue. For example, it frustrates me now when people ask what on earth I eat for (example), breakfast. Just have what you would usually have, but with vegan replacements. For example, for breakfast you can still have a lot of cereals, but have it with soya/rice/nut milk instead of an animal milk. Or toast with soya/nut spread with marmalade, jam, peanut butter or yeast extract.

Here are some more examples of what vegans can and do eat.

I know that a diet without animal derived foods sounds a bit limited to most people - I was one of those people at one time, so I do understand why people would think that. But a diet without animal flesh, eggs and dairy does not mean you are severely restricted in what you can eat. Going vegan is easier than you think!!

Yes it's about fresh fruit and veg (like any diet should be), but it's also about cakes, chocolate, pies and trifle :)

I have discovered that I can "veganise" almost any recipe that a non vegan can eat. There are many vegan alternatives to mainstream animal derived ingredients, so it is just a case of changing those animal ingredients with their vegan substitutes.

A lot of the foods you have been eating will be vegan anyway, such as breads, cereals, rice and pasta (made without egg). Pastry is mostly vegan (even the shop bought frozen pastry), so think of all the pies and other pastry recipes you can make with that. Apple pie with vegan ice-cream anyone?

When it comes to adding meat substitutes to your diet, which includes vegan recipes such as "chicken", "beef" and "pork" curries/stews/sweet and sour dishes, take a look at these vegan meat replacement products.

Just add these products to your favourite recipe in place of the animal flesh, or have on their own with a baked potato or similar. assorted vegetables

When you know which vegan replacement products to use, and more importantly, find your favourite brands, going vegan will be as easy as breathing air. Almost.

I say "almost", because obviously you will not be able to nip into a cake shop and choose whatever they have on offer (although doughnuts are often vegan).

You can also eat vegan foods when you go out with relative ease. Almost as easy as breathing air again here. You will not be able to wander in and choose any old thing from the menu, but you will (in most cases) be able to find something suitable.

The small amount of time it will take you to learn about animal derived ingredients is well worth it knowing that you will not be polluting your body with all sorts of nasty things you probably wouldn't have thought about before.

When you first look at the animal ingredients list, it may seem a bit overwhelming, and to be honest, I think it is overwhelming. It is amazing what goes into our food nowadays. You would never think that a common red dye called cochineal is actually crushed beetles would you? This is used a lot - especially in red wines.

You may think that if there are so many animal derived ingredients out there, then how are you going to buy food again without shopping with your animal ingredients list? Even I am not aware what every ingredient is when I buy something, but I just do not buy foods with loads of additives and colourings in them.

My diet is based on products which are healthy and not loaded with a million different ingredients. If I choose a product and it has all sorts of e numbers I don't understand (e numbers can be animal derived), I just do not buy it. Firstly, it can be a bit tricky to be sure the ingredients are vegan, and secondly, I just like to know that what I am eating is as natural and unprocessed as possible. Not all the time, but mostly.

You can make absolutely gorgeous vegan cakes and biscuits too. Most baking ingredients are vegan anyway. It is only the butter and eggs etc which make a baked item non-vegan, so when you know how to replace those ingredients (very very easy in most cases), you will be able to rustle up vegan baked goodies in no time.

I personally think loads more people would choose to eat vegan if they knew they could consume foods which arn't limited to what most people think a vegan eats. This is why it is important to me to let people know about the variety of foods available to vegans.

Remember to try and eat healthily and not to consume too many sugary snacks and desserts. I have said it before and I will say it again: taking out animal fats from your diet will improve your health greatly, and you do not want to lose the benefits of a vegan diet by continuing to eat junk foods.

Eat healthy foods which arn't laden with additives, animal fats and sugar - and you should also balance out your blood sugar levels and want to eat less too.

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