Vegan Communes

Have you ever dreamt about buying a run down village abroad with some friends and turning it into a vegan village? Or how about buying some land at home and building several log cabins? Or pulling resources together and buying an old farmhouse set in several acres?

A more peaceful lifestyle based on community with like minded people is an attractive dream for a lot of people nowadays, what with the way the economy is at the moment. More people are becoming aware that they seem to be running around in circles to pay the bills for things they don't need.

Another benefit to living in a community is the support. With so many people deciding not to have children (think the childless baby boomers of the 1960's), and people generally living without family, living in some kind of community might just be the answer they are looking for.

At the moment, I'm just adding a basic page (this one), but as more submissions come in, I will categorise them in the right hand navigation menu of this page so it will be easier to find what you want. After you have submitted your notice, I just need to quickly check it and it will go up usually withing the hour and definitely within 24 hours. People will be able to comment and chat with you, and you can also exchange contact details here. Comments will go up immediately.

I will also be adding more to this page as we go along.

Vegan Communes Chat

This is where you can share your dreams and ask general questions about community living.

General Vegan Commune Chat 
If you have any questions about community living or just want to share your dreams and see what others have to say - just dive in and post your comments. …

Notice Board

Whether you are looking for likeminded people to form a group, or you need volunteers or a place to live - add your notice below, clearly stating what you are looking for. Depending on how this page progresses - if it gets busy, I will add more pages and categorise notices to make them easier to find:

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