Vegan Authors

It is difficult to know if any vegan authors are definitely vegan as their is so much misinformation on the Web. Alice Walker for example - who is often quoted as being a vegan - apparently is not (thanks to one of my readers for pointing this out).

I would love to get some more vegan authors listed on this page, so if you know of any, or are one yourself, please let me know.

Carol Adams Clive Barker Steven Best Vernon Coleman Depak Chopra
Adams, Carol
Barker, Clive
Best, Steven
Coleman, Vernon
Chopra, Deepak

T Cooper Gary Francione Anu Garg Adam Gnade Colleen Patrick Goudreau
Cooper, T
Francione, Gary
Garg, Anu
Gnade, Adam
Goudreau, Patrick, Colleen

Sarah Kramer Keith Mann David Pearce Mike White
Kramer, Sarah
Mann, Keith
Pearce, David
White, Mike