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List Of Low Cholesterol Foods

Looking for low cholesterol foods for optimal health? Plant based foods contain no cholesterol whatsoever and I'm not just talking rice and beans.

If you are looking for a list of low cholesterol foods, or even foods which contain no cholesterol, then this page will help to guide you through your shopping list. Plant based foods contain no cholesterol at all. I know what you're thinking: "I don't want to live off of bananas, seeds and nuts for the rest of my life"!! Well, eating plant based foods doesn't mean just eating those food items.

Plant based foods such as burgers, cheese, bacon, ice-cream and soya milk etc also contain no cholesterol. So if you have been advised by your doctor to cut down on cholesterol, but you still want to be able to enjoy certain foods, then just switch over to the plant based (vegan) variety.

First of all, take a look at the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference cholesterol content food list.

As you can see, the list of low cholesterol foods, or foods containing no cholesterol, are mostly plant based. The foods with the highest cholesterol are all animal derived.

This list is from the same database, but the foods are listed alphabetically.

You can see that the list of low cholesterol foods or foods containing no cholesterol are plant based. The foods which contain no cholesterol include:

  • Fruits

  • Nuts

  • Soya products, including soya milk, and tofu

  • Vegetables

    Remember, these foods are in their natural form and may look a little boring, but they can and are made into delicious meals.

    Sugar, flour, baking powder, and other baking ingredients contain no cholesterol. Have a look at my vegan baking page to see how you can make gorgous baked goodies without any cholesterol. You just replace the eggs and dairy products (high in cholesterol) with soya alternatives.

    When you consider that 1 cup of chicken broilers contains around 600 mg's of cholesterol and one cooked whole large egg contains over 200 mg's of cholesterol, you may want to seriously think about replacing these items with other products.


  • Use soya milk - which contains no cholesterol - instead of animal derived milk which contains around 20 mg's of cholesterol per cup measure. Use soya milk on your breakfast cereal, in cooking, and in your tea and coffee.

  • Give up the eggs and bacon for breakfast. Choose toast (even white bread made without animal ingredients contains no cholesterol) spread with peanut butter, yeast extract, soya margerine, jam or marmalade. Again, all these foods contain no cholesterol.

  • Use soya cream instead of dairy cream. Soya cream contains no cholesterol.

  • Replace animal derived products with their plant based alternates, including plant based "meats".

  • Remember that plant based replacement products - even though they contain no cholesterol - do contain some fat content. Incorporate these foods with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Remember that if you are looking for a list of low cholesterol foods, you cannot get any lower than foods that are plant based. Also remember that vegan foods differ greatly from brand to brand, so if you choose one brand and do not like it, then choose another brand. Here are my own favourite vegan food brands.

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