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Creating A Business Website The Correct Way

New Updated System

creating a business website Creating a business website that earns you enough money to pay your bills and live comfortably is a dream for many people. Today, we are looking for some kind of financial security in the face of a very uncertain future.

In June 2009, I decided I wanted to earn money online. But I was a bit sceptical about my abilities to not only design a website, but to make enough money to give up my day job. I did a bit of research - I was looking for a system that wasn't a get rich scheme plus it was important that my provider supplied me with a simple system that basically took me by the hand and showed me step by step how to do it successfully. I didn't (and still don't) know much about HTML, never mind CSS (which I still know absolutely nothing about).

Today I am proud to say that this website is in the top 2% of all websites on the Net and climbing higher each month!

Check some of my keywords out. Put "vegan athletes", "soya beans", "vegan authors" or other terms into a Search Engine (without the quotes) and see where I rank. Getting your website onto the top search results' pages is what makes a successful website - and this is what you are taught (amongst many other things).

My provider supplies total novices with a step by step system - it is designed for beginners BUT is also used by people who are fully capable of creating a business website simply because this is the best system to use. You might be able to design and write intelligently, but that's no good if your website is lounging around on page 50 of Google and Yahoo.

Creating a business website is a learning curve.

But with the system I use, you get what is called an Action Guide. This Action Guide literally takes you by the hand and guides you through every step of the process. Building a business website with this system will definitely get you on the right track. If you take it slow and follow it. Do not be in a rush to decide your sites' concept (what you will be writing about) or to register your domain name.

I earn good money from my site and it gets better each month. I now know how to reach the top of the Search Engines which means I get great traffic. Now imagine you learnt this (which you will) and can write an e book about a topic you love. Sell them for $35 each and you have a great income stream coming in each day, week or month.

I earn money from my site - and as my site matures, the revenue increases and I've just bought another two sites (pay monthly).

These websites are my pension. My security in an uncertain economy.

This is an easy way to build a website - but you will find it much harder if your English (or whatever language you write in) isn't up to scratch. You need to be able to write simply because people do not want to visit a site with shoddy writing.


The travel and finance industry pays particularly well, so if you are in these fields, know your stuff and can write, you will be on a roll. For example, if you live or know a particular holiday destination well and can write about it from a personal perspective.


My advice to you would be to look around. Take it slow!

I do know of quite a few people who use this system who worked on it full time from the start and within six months or so were earning enough money to give up their day job. I'm not that clever, so it has taken me longer.

However, if you put pressure on yourself to do the same, it is more likely that you will make mistakes.

There Is Also A Full Money Back Guarantee If You Decide It's Not For You.

So - take it nice and slow - and good luck if you decide to go for it.

Further Information.

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