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Best Vegan Cheese

If you're looking for the best vegan cheese on the market, I have found it. This really is the best dairy free cheese I have ever tasted.

Most vegans would probably agree that the one product replacement which is hard to find is a nice tasty slab of vegan cheese. I have found great replacement products over the years for other food products but I have struggled to find a great dairy free cheese. Until now that is. Unfortunately this brand is only available in the UK at the moment but I'm sure if they can get the recipe right, others will follow suit. I really hope they expand out to other countries so everyone can taste these products for themselves.

A friend of a friend of mine (thanks Mike) has just switched to veganism and asked me what the best vegan cheese was. I told him this is a fairly hard product to replace, but for cheese on toast (and other melting recipes)I would recommend Redwoods Super Melting which I always thought tasted like "the real thing". He tried it and wasn't impressed. I now realise I had forgotten how dairy cheeses tasted.

So he shopped around and told me about a newish brand (which had totally passed me by) by Vegusto.

Best Vegan Cheese I know these photos don't look very appetising or flattering but this is how they look when delivered to you. The blocks are also quite small and expensive (I'm hoping the price will come down a bit in the future). I have tried several of the different flavours and my asolute favourites are the Piquant and the Mildly Aromatic versions.

The Piquant is the strongest tasting, with the Mildly Aromatic being slightly milder but still quite strong. I wasn't a fan of the Classic style personally, and I still have to try the Melty version.

When I first tasted these cheeses, I really wasn't sure whether I liked them or not because they tasted so different to any other dairy free cheeses I had tried. It actually took me a couple of blocks to get used to the taste because they just tasted so strong to me. I have given tasters of these cheeses to vegetarians and they have told me there is hardly any difference between these and the full on dairy cheeses.

I have also tried the Walnut and Herb versions and these tasted great too. Much milder than the Mildly Aromatic and Piquant styles, so if you like your cheeses to be softer tasting, you might prefer these. I would love to see these particular products in supermarkets and health food shops around the world because it worries me that people new to veganism will be put off by some of the other cheeses on the market.

I also love the dairy free cheesey sauce they do. This would be absolutely perfect for a scrummy moussaka dish. I doubt if your non vegan friends would be able to tell the difference.

A little note about your Christmas roast. Vegusto do two roasts, and a special festive roast for the holiday season. I have tried this one and the other one they do. They taste just fine but in all honesty I wouldn't buy them again. I would make yourself a lovely homemade nut roast instead. You might like the roasts but I found them small and they didn't have the wow factor for me.

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