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Plus Sheer Indulgence...

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As you can see from the above images, a vegan diet can be healthy but it can also be very indulgent. The first message I want to give to you is that you do not have to go without if you decide to go vegan.

vegan dinner plate With new films such as Forks Over Knives (UK) (USA) turning celebrities such as Russel Brand and Eliza Dushku vegan plus the likes of Bill Clinton spreading the word on veganism - this way of eating is finally facing an upward trend!

Unless you live on top of a mountain and do not get a chance to follow current trends and health issues, you will know that veganism is expanding across the West with massive health benefits for all those involved. It is true that not all vegan foods are healthy. You can make great vegan cakes (healthier without animal fats but still not recommended in excess), you can buy vegan biscuits, ice creams and many other vegan food products to treat yourself to, but the fact remains that a vegan diet is far more healthier than a diet which consists of animal fats. All vegan foods are also cholesterol free.

For ethical vegans who eschew all animal products (and not just animal derived foods), you have a huge selection of products you can eat with a clear conscience. I want to dispel the common myth that vegans can and do only eat fruit, rice and beans which is why you will see lots of yummy vegan foods on this website.

vegan chicken

Vegan food is delicious and can be very nutritious, and I will show you how to get the most from a plant based diet. I will also show you that you can still indulge yourself with those yummy little treat foods most people fancy now and again. If I had to give up eating cakes, puddings and chocolate, I would find it extremely hard to be a vegan!! But the fact is, I eat mostly all the things I used to eat when I wasn't a vegan - I just eat the vegan version. I also like cooking, but I am quite fussy and only like tasty and easy to make vegan recipes. I say this because to make up for my dietary "failings" of scoffing on vegan rice pudding etc etc, I like the rest of my diet to be based on wholefoods. This isn't as boring as it sounds either, as these wholefoods can be made into lovely meals. I firmly believe that a vegan diet gives my body all the things it needs to function well and I certainly don't go without.

I am one of those vegans that likes faux meat recipes and like to make vegan versions of classic meat based dishes. I also like to try my hand at classic dessert dishes which I also veganise. For a true vegan, it isn't just about what they eat. Veganism means a person has also decided not to wear or use animal derived clothing. But maybe one step at a time!!

The vegan lifestyle is becoming ever more popular, with celebrities bringing out their own vegan clothing ranges. It is very easy to get faux leather and fur alternative materials and by supporting this industry, you will be helping the animals and the environment even further. The most important thing to know if you are thinking of becoming a vegan, is that you can still eat your favourite treat foods (as I call them). Once you realise that vegans don't have to live on nuts and seeds and can still indulge themselves, it is so much easier to switch over.

So, I hope you find my vegan website useful. Have a look around and see for yourself the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.


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